HR GradUnited


In need of someone to introduce new, fresh ideas within the company, be a new face in the office, offer additional support to your busy HR Team?

A fresh HR graduate, new way of thinking, inspirational ideas, lots of theory to practice – but nowhere to practice with no means of a reference which can lead to that ‘big opportunity’…  for free*

HR GradUnited  - a win-win situation

HR GradUnited is a scheme aimed to link graduates with vital experience allowing them to thrive in the real world of employment and enhance their employability.

A 6 week voluntary placement to practice their skills and gain meaningful experience

People Force International have partnered with organisations from various professional sectors throughout the UK who are offering an invaluable opportunity…. 

Our volunteers hold a qualification in HR from various academic institutes throughout the UK.  They are available - usually at short notice - for 6 weeks to carry out a voluntary placement in a professional organisation whereby they will access meaningful experience in a real-life, HR Department – ‘a boost to their journey into the world of work’.

Benefits to the Organisation:     Benefits to the Volunteer:
      • Access to a fresh-minded graduate that can be moulded
      • An extra pair of hands to assist with HR Tasks
      • An opportunity to assess departmental headcount
      • An opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ if applicable


      • Meaningful experience to boost employability
      • An opportunity to apply ‘theory to practice’
      • Can help enhance their CV
      • Can help provide them with an invaluable reference


*During the placement, the volunteer will have travel costs reimbursed and lunch either provided or the cost reimbursed.

If you are a client wishing to give an HR Graduate some experience download this flyer.

If you are an HR Graduate looking for some experience download this flyer.

For more information or to register your interest please contact or +44 (0) 1933 449 426.